Since 2010, PENSOLE has provided a FREE education to the majority of our students and our goal is to make PENSOLE FREE to 100% of our students and with the creation of the N0.2 PENSOLE Scholarship Fund will help us achieve our goal. This fund would cover the student's tuition, housing and supplies for all PENSOLE programs.

build innovation studio


PENSOLE’s “learn by doing” curriculum teaches students the entire footwear design process: inspiration, concept-development, design process, problem solving, materials, business, networking, marketing, and branding. With the addition of the PENSOLE Innovation Studio our students and other aspiring designers can learn to the art of patternmaking, sewing, sculpting, 3D modeling and build prototype samples by hand.

PENSOLE High School Program:

When PENSOLE started in 2010, our goal was to become a pipeline for the footwear industry. To date we have done a good job in working towards that goal but we discovered that we need a High School farm system to feed that pipeline.

PENSOLE Diversity Programs:

In 1989, D’Wayne Edwards was one of the first professional footwear designers of color in the industry at age 19. Sadly, diversity in the footwear industry is still pretty low with less than 3% of the footwear designers of color and women are also underserved as well.

MLab Color and Materials Programs:

In 2011 the MLab launched its CMD program, which includes, CMD Color + Material + Design, CMF Color + Material + Finishes, and starting in 2015 CMI Color + Material + Innovation.
Our students do not pay for any materials during their sessions. The
MLab is generously supported by close knit relationships with global vendors across industries.We strive to excel in bringing technology in materials to MLab and look forward to adding new partners and point of views through SOLEHOLDER partners.
Since the first PENSOLE class in 2010, more than 90 Academy graduates have been placed professionally, full-time or as interns, for footwear companies worldwide, including Columbia Sportswear, The North Face, Timberland, Converse, AND1, New Balance, Wolverine, Cole Haan, Under Armour, Keen, Ariat, Stride Rite, adidas, JORDAN, Kenneth Cole, Reebok and Nike. When you become a SOLEHOLDER your contribution will continue to create life-changing opportunities for others.

Our goal is to build PENSOLE into a world-class academy and the funds raised in this offering will go towards the following:


create new programs



SOLEHOLDER is a community ownership fundraising campaign that offers 50,000 no par value common stock of PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy, to the public.

“To date PENSOLE has been privately owned and today we are excited to welcome the public as partners in building an academy that will continue to discover, develop and place the future of the footwear industry."
- PENSOLE Founder, D’Wayne Edwards.

As a SOLEHOLDER (aka share holder) in PENSOLE Common Stock, you will help build the first community-owned footwear design academy and change the lives of aspiring footwear leaders worldwide.
D’Wayne Edwards, a celebrated member of the global footwear community for the last 25 years, has funded PENSOLE with his personal income since 2010 to give talented design students—regardless of socioeconomic background—an opportunity to learn from the industry’s best, without financial barriers, and to provide the industry with a farm system for the next generation of footwear designers.

MLab, founded by Suzette Henry, has been supportive resource for Pensole and its students since its creation in 2011.Through her own resources and the collaborations of industry partners, Suzette Henry has created a unique space for Pensole students and professionals to expand their knowledge in the world of CM.

SOLEHOLDER campaign will allow us to continue to provide a free education to the majority of our students and to expand our world-class academy for future footwear leaders.